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Clothes Dryers


Full sized dryers usually have a capacity of around 5 to 7 cubic feet. Compact dryers have a capacity of around 3.5 cubic feet. A dryer with more capacity can handle larger loads and more bulky items. When choosing the capacity consider future needs. For example do you plan to have a larger family some day? Consider your laundry habits. Do you like to do regular small loads or occasional large loads? Also, consider the laundry from seasonal activities such as sports, camping, etc.

Gas Versus Electric

Gas dryers usually cost more to buy and repair than electric dryers. However the cost is usually not much greater than electric dryers. Gas appliances cost much less to use than electric appliances. If you have gas utilities in your area you should consider buying gas to reduce your energy costs.

Moisture Sensor versus Thermostat

A moisture sensor measures the amount of moisture in the clothes. A thermostat determines moisture level by measuring the temperature of air leaving the dryer. Dryers may use one of these devices to determine when to turn off the heater. A moisture sensor is more accurate than a thermostat and a moisture sensor can do a better job to protect your clothes from being over heated.

Cool Down Cycles - Wrinkle Reduction

Some dryers will continue to spin clothes after drying is done. This can reduce the chance of wrinkles setting in clothes. Some dryers will wait for the clothes to cool down before stopping the spin. Hot clothes are more likely to wrinkle if they are let to sitting in a dryer. Some dryers have intermittent cycles and will occasionally spin clothes that are left sitting in the dryer to reduce the chance of wrinkles.

Energy Saving Cycles

Some dryers give you the option of reducing energy usage. These dryers heat the clothes until they have most of the moisture removed and then turn of the heating and just use blowing air to finish the drying. This increased the drying time but saves energy.

Freshen Up Cycles

If you have wrinkled clothes that were sitting in a drawer of have hanger crease makes then some dryers offer a freshen up cycle to help you make clothes look less wrinkled. This may help reduce ironing work.

Fast Clothes Dryer

You can buy dryers designed to dry clothes quickly enough to match the wash time of the washer. This helps you avoid having piles of wet clothes waiting to use the dryer.


Today, many homes have the laundry room close to the living space. If your home is like this then consider getting a quieter dryer. Some dryers have insulation in them and around their motor to deaden the noise.

Ventless Dryers

Some manufactures make dryers that don't need to be vented. This can make it easier to put dryers in places where you can't easily vent air to the exterior.

Lint Filters

A filter on top of the machine is easier to clean than a filter inside the drum area. Clean your lint filters after every use. Filters that are too full can be a fire hazard.

Dry Clean Option

If you use dry cleaning kits such as Dryel some dryers have cycles designed to have make the dryer's environment more sutible for using a dry cleaning kit.

Dampness Cycle

If you would prefer to leave some fabrics damp rather than having them be dried completely then some dryers offer dampness settings which let you specify how dray you want the clothes to be.

Drum Lights

Some machines have lights inside the drum to make it easier to see clothes.

Door Swing

It's helpful if your the dryer's door swings away from the washer so that it is easier to load the dryer. If you have a front loading washer it's helpful if the washer door also swings away from the dryer. Otherwise you will have to lift clothes over and around the doors when transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Drying Racks

Some machines offer drying racks that let you keep an item stationary in the drum instead have having it tumbled dry. This can be helpful for items you don't want to tumble or for noisy items.

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