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Cook Tops

Modular Cooking Surfaces

Modular cooking surfaces make it easy to customize your cooking top with various gas or electric burners and grills.

Separate Cooktops

You can install cooktops that are not attached to the oven. This can be a convenient way to create an additional workspace in the kitchen.

Cooktop Controls Location

It is safer to have cooktop controls near the front of side of a cooktop rather than at the back of a cooktop. If you have to reach over hot pans to use the controls this can increase the chance of being burned.

Intelligent Cooktops

Some cooktops can tell if you have a pot sitting on the burner. If the burner is on and nothing is sitting on top of it, then after a period of time the burner turns it self off. Also, some cooktop burners have several burner rings for each burner and they select the appropriate ring to heat up depending on the size of the cooking pot. For example if you put a small pot on a burner then the cooktop may turn on a 6 inch heating ring. If you put a large pot on the burner it may turn on a 9 inch heating ring. These features can save energy and make the cooktop safer.

Cooktop Burner Styles:

Gas Burners - This style of burner lets you change temperature settings faster and is least costly to operate. Also it is easier to tell when this style of burner is in use because of the flames. Getting sealed gas burners can reduce the chance of spills flowing into the burner and are easier to clean.

Electric Burners - This style burner heats up the fastest and is good for low-temperature settings.Electric Burners are usually the least expensive burners to buy. Electric coils tend to accommodate a wide variety of cooking utensils. People who cook a lot tend to prefer electric burners over gas.

 Smooth Top Burners - These sealed burners are covered with ceramic glass surface. Smooth tops are easier to clean and because the surface is flat it can provide more useable workspace in the kitchen. Smooth top burners are also the most expensive type of cooktop to buy. Also they work best when you use flat pots and pans for cooking. Smooth top burners tend to heat up slower the electric coils and they tend to use more energy then coils.

Induction Cooking - These style of burners use magnetic fields to cook. These cooktops heat up very quickly and can have their heat quickly adjusted. These cooktops offer similar performance as gas cooktops but don't have the flame and fire hazard of gas.

Halogen Quartz Cooktops - These cooktops use vacuum sealed glass tubes. These cooktops become lit when in use and this makes it easier to tell they are on. The heat from these cooktops goes straight up and produces less heat going to the sides so that areas near the cooktop have less heat.

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