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Food Disposers

It may be best to avoid having a disposer, especially if you have a septic system. Food disposals can put a heavy load on a septic system. Some cities also restrict using food disposers because of the added load they put on sewage treatment systems. If you really want a food disposer, here are features to look for:

  • At least a ½ horse power motor
  • Foam sound insulation (reduces noise)
  • Self-reversing feature (helps prevent jams)
  • Longer warrantee (5 years is good)
  • Overload protection (lets motor be reset if it overheats)
  • Cast-iron grinding ring
  • Larger grinder capacities help you process more waste in less time.
  • Auto reverse feature can help clear jams and improve the life of the disposal.
  • The length of the warrantee may be a good indication of the quality of the disposer (better disposers tend to have longer warrantees).
  • A full stainless steel grind system can protect the system from corrosion and make it last longer.

Sink Top Button for Disposer

You can have buttons installed on top of your sink to turn on the food disposer. This may be more convenient and stylish then a wall mounted switch.

Food Disposal for Septic Systems

Special food disposals are available that inject enzymes into the waste before it is flushed down the drain. These enzymes help breakdown the waste so it decomposes faster. This helps reduce build up in drainpipes and helps ease the load on a septic system.

Water Powered Food Disposal

You can get food disposals that do not use electricity and are powered by water. A water powered disposal eliminates the chance of electrical shocks and motor burnout. It is also quieter then electric motors and is easier to install because no electrical wiring is needed.

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