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Trash Compactor


Because of recycling, compactors are becoming less important. Having a recycling storage area is probably more important in some kitchens. If you want a compactor but don't have room for it, consider putting it in the garage. Also, garbage compactors have varying anti-jam capabilities and horsepower. Here are some helpful things to look for in a compactor:

  • Standard sized 30-gallon trash bags (so you aren't required to buy bags from the manufacturer)
  • Toe door latch makes it easier to open when you hands are full
  • Removable rammer makes it easier to clean the compactor
  • Built-in deodorizer to hide odors
  • Key lock to turn off the compactor for child-safety purposes
  • Trim kit available to let you have compactor match your cabinet doors

Recycle Sorting/Holding Bin

Consider installing a sliding door cabinet that has different compartments to hold metal, glass, paper, and plastic trash.

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